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The church we attend has a time of praise and worship at the beginning of the service. There’s a lady I love to see there. She is humble and kind and truly depending on God. I’ll just call her Sister-Sister. I noticed Sunday that she was singing with such passion and and love for the Father. She was balancing her Bible in the air as though to offer God her greatest possession, His word. Oh that her example would encourage me and you to seek to give Him the praise He deserves… Because no matter what else, I have salvation… and all the oxygen I need.IMG_1474 Do it Sister-Sister!   Kelly


“Read it!”

When my now 18-year-old son was about 2 years old, he loved it when my husband and I read to him. He was relentless then and he is a voracious reader now. Sometimes I would be reading to him and then get distracted and stop. He would say very sternly, “Read it!” And if I remained distracted, he would hit me with a chubby hand and say more slowly – reeaad it! (This was during the time of Jerry Seinfeld’s popular TV show, and thus we occasionally called our son, the book Nazi.)

As I think about the arrival of 2015, I want to do more reading this year. I have a number of books already identified (and started). Some of the books on my plan are items that I am reading again. I think this is a mark of a great book. You can read it over and over and get something out of it every time.

My daily Bible is one such book. I came across the “One Year” version in 1999 at a Women of Faith conference. Author and speaker Becky Tirabassi introduced the audience to this product, which allows readers to go through the entire Bible in a year.

One Year Bible

There is a set of readings for each day that has a portion of Scripture from the Old Testament, New Testament, a Psalm and verses from Proverbs. This simple layout has been so beneficial to me, allowing me to see connections that I never saw before and giving me a simple process to read. I just brew my coffee and read while enjoying that time with God. My life is immeasurably better.

Another book I am planning to re-read, is called “The Hidden Art of Home Making” by Edith Schaeffer. It is a book that teaches readers the value of running a home and how we can use our homes to serve God and extend His kingdom.

Hidden Art Cover

A few weekends ago, I attended an open house CHRISTmas party. While there, I ran into a woman who had read the book that I wrote. She was very kind and said, “I loved the book and have reread portions of it often.” I was surprised… but totally delighted and honored to receive such a gracious compliment.


It is giving me the boldness to throw my book into the ring for your reading consideration this year. Should you take this challenge, I believe you will be inspired to try a number of the tips and most importantly you will have a framework for managing your life. You will be positioned to have an even better life than you have right now.

May you do phenomenal things in 2015!  Hugs- Kelly

You can purchase copies of “A Better Day, A Better Life: How to Thrive, One Day at a Time” at Copies of the “One Year Bible” and “The Art of Homemaking” can be secured at and other booksellers.

I love magazines about decorating and making a home. They are a wonderful source of ideas and inspiration. This year as I have poured over recipes and tips to create the perfect tablescape, it dawned on me that no article has covered the actual topic of giving thanks.

Maybe the writers think it is too obvious to address. But maybe it points to a different issue. Are we so focused on the food and the entertaining that we have forgotten the One to whom we are thankful. So may I offer a few ideas to keep (or put) the thanks into Thanksgiving?

  • Instead of place cards, find four to six Bible verses about giving thanks and print them on tent cards. Make enough for all your guests and place one at each setting. Verse card
  • Set up an empty glass or fish bowl and place slips of paper and pens nearby. Ask folks to write something or someone they are thankful for and read these during dinner.
  • Take a moment to gather around the table or buffet to hold hands and pray thanking Christ for His provision and grace through the last year as well as a blessing over the vittles.
  • Savor a private moment, maybe the Wednesday night before the feast to reflect of the first Thanksgiving and how the lessons learned then by God’s grace could be reapplied in your life today.

Thriving One Day at a Time,