I am often amazed at how my 9-year old daughter, Koah, can turn anything into a moment for fun and creativity.

I had ordered some ceramic plates online that came packed in mailing peanuts. When I went to wash and put the dishes away, she grabbed the box and made a drawing out of peanuts on our family room carpet. (Thankfully she is old enough to not be in danger of swallowing the Styrofoam pellets. These would be a hazard for young children.)


I love the creativity she expressed in this moment. …And I wonder how can I be more like her? I could…

Take a breath and enjoy the moment

Stop being in a hurry so much of the time

Think of how to use everyday items in ways I haven’t done so before

Make it a priority to have fun

Wear my pajamas later into the day on Saturday’s

Ask God for answers rather than trying to come up with everything myself