Confession. I am a slow adapter of technology. Social media is no exception. I understand the potential and the results that are possible. But for calibration, I remember sitting in a Business School Graduate class in 1991 and hearing about a new thing called the World Wide Web. It would be a cyberspace universe where information and products would flow. I leaned over the person next to me and said, “It will never happen.”

So, I was wrong.

In the last few months I am personally seeing the power of LinkedIn. If you haven’t already created a profile, please check it out at Of all the networking sites, I find it to be easy to navigate, professional and effective. For entrepreneurs and professionals of all types it is a quick way to connect with former colleagues and potential new customers.

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In just the past few days I was in touch with three people who were willing to share the Better Day, Better Life story with others and I will be able to reciprocate on their businesses.

So, don’t be like me – get out there and make connections electronically, right away.