I love magazines about decorating and making a home. They are a wonderful source of ideas and inspiration. This year as I have poured over recipes and tips to create the perfect tablescape, it dawned on me that no article has covered the actual topic of giving thanks.

Maybe the writers think it is too obvious to address. But maybe it points to a different issue. Are we so focused on the food and the entertaining that we have forgotten the One to whom we are thankful. So may I offer a few ideas to keep (or put) the thanks into Thanksgiving?

  • Instead of place cards, find four to six Bible verses about giving thanks and print them on tent cards. Make enough for all your guests and place one at each setting. Verse card
  • Set up an empty glass or fish bowl and place slips of paper and pens nearby. Ask folks to write something or someone they are thankful for and read these during dinner.
  • Take a moment to gather around the table or buffet to hold hands and pray thanking Christ for His provision and grace through the last year as well as a blessing over the vittles.
  • Savor a private moment, maybe the Wednesday night before the feast to reflect of the first Thanksgiving and how the lessons learned then by God’s grace could be reapplied in your life today.

Thriving One Day at a Time,