I like to share tips of all kinds. As you think about sprucing up your home for the holidays, consider making your dining table more attractive with a small investment. I found both of these sets of “candle holders” at Target.

The darker set sits on out kitchen table. Each has 12 stones, as a connection to the Twelve Tribes of Israel and a reminder of my faith. The place mats were also purchased at Target. photo 1

The clear set is on our dining room table. I think the white candles provide a nice contrast to the table runner that was made for this year’s Thanksgiving celebration. (Last year my mom kept asking me if I had a table runner. So I made one this year – an she loved it.)photo 2

I find that using an odd number of items seems to make the décor interesting and somehow still balanced and an eye pleasing way.

So if you have the inkling make your meals mo’ better with a pretty table.

Kelly   -who loves to eat meals from real plates-   Wilson

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